SPEX are Made in the USA and come standard with POLARIZED All Weather Lenses. SPEX were designed to Protect 2 of Your Most Valuable Assets . . . Your Eyes from a variety of eye injuries and are ideal for contact lens wearers. 

SPEX are a hybrid design - combining the best features of goggles and sunglasses into one product. 

SPEX polarized lenses eliminate reflective glare on the water surface and SPEX lenses offer 100% UV protection. Available in 5 lens tints; Polarized All Weather, Polarized Grey, Polarized Amber, Polarized Gold and Non-Polarized Clear, all SPEX lenses are fully interchangeable and replaceable, which makes it easy to switch lens tints or replace as needed. Another great feature is the suspended lens design - which allows air to circulate behind the lens and drastically reduces fogging. 

SPEX come in 7 frame colors; Black, Blue, Grey, Royal, Red, Yellow and Green. Our frames are made of Floatron, which is a flexible material that conforms to the spape of any face. They are ergonomic, aerodynamic and the best feature of all is - SPEX frames float!

This modular design - including the Replaceable Lenses and Replaceable Strap - gives SPEX a much longer life span than other products on the market.