SPEX Amphibian Eyewear - since 1989

SPEX were designed for all water sports and are - Made in the USA - since 1989. 

All SPEX components are Replaceable and Interchangeable - giving SPEX a much longer lifespan than other products on the market.

SPEX float! and the SPEX frame is flexible and seals around the eye socket while conforming to the shape of your face.

SPEX lenses are available in 5 different lens tints - for a variety of lighting conditions. The suspended lens design, which allows air to circulate, drastically reduces fogging. SPEX Lenses are POLARIZED which eliminates reflective glare and offer 100% UV Protection. But the best feature of all - SPEX float!

AMPHIBIAN Apparel & other Amphibian Products

Enjoy the Amphibian Lifestyle with AMPHIBIAN Apparel and Accessories.

We offer a variety of products for In or Out of Water. Check out our newest product Amphibian Sleeves.

Enjoy The Lifestyle . . . In or Out of Water. 


AMPHIBIAN USA...apparel and neoprene products!



The original BOARDSHIRT® Brand Apparel is a relaxed fitting shirt - with UV 44+ Sun Protection - designed for watersports.

BOARDSHIRT® fabric dries quickly and keeps you cool on hot summer days. The 3D Printed Pocket and Back Graphics are High-Resolution images with a water based, zero hand, zero waste printing process. Available in Men's or Women's, in Short Sleeve or Long Sleeve.

BOARDSHIRTS® - Keep the Sun Off Your Back!



KLAPPER VISION was inspired by Dr. Robert Klapper, one of our favorite Amphibians. You can find him at C Street in Ventura on his Laker Longboard and in his spare time, he is head of  Orthopedic Surgeries at Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles, California and works with some of the best athletes of this time and in times past. For fun, Dr. Klapper shares his Klapper Vision on ESPN, 710 Radio - Weekend Warriors - which airs on Saturday mornings. You can listen live or thru the ESPN app on a podcast, Weekend Warrior. Or...

order your KLAPPER VISION shirt or pick up one of his books with Linda Huey "Heal Your Hips" and "Heal Your Knees"